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Afge Epa Master Collective Bargaining Agreement

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In collective bargaining, there is an equal partnership between management and workers who speak through their union representatives, at least with regard to matters required by law. Agencies must negotiate with trade unions on all matters relating to working conditions, with a few exceptions. No EPO trade union representative may devote 100% of his working time to his or her official time, in accordance with the collective agreement. The official use of time throughout the bargaining unit is limited to 7,400 hours per year – one hour per member of the unit. According to the opM`s latest report on this subject, EPO trade union representatives spent more than 58,274 hours in 2016 with official time. Negotiations on the new MCBA date back to 2010, including years of back and forth, ratification failures, refusals to negotiate, allegations of unfair labor practices, settlement agreements, and a pandemic. Staff must, according to the agreement, perform teleworkers from their local commuter areas. It also confirms teleworking under the EPO`s Continuity Plan (COOP) and describes positions that are simply not eligible for remote work, including those that need access to classified information, that need to have personal interactions with their superiors and members of the public, or that need to be physically present in a laboratory or test site. Anyone wishing to become a local 704 member should contact 704afge@gmail.com. This is a great time to get involved…

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