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Alpa Collective Bargaining Agreements

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Aviation Daily: JetBlue, pilots, ink deal to avoid furloughs until May 2021 – JetBlue Airways and its pilots have reached an agreement that will eliminate the possibility of unintentional furloughs by May 1, 2021, the first such agreement with a U.S. airline during the COVID-19 crisis. While the specific conditions remain secret, the JetBlue Master Executive Council (MEC) of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) has warned members that it has approved a statement of agreement with the company that would protect them “in all circumstances” from unintentional flight until May 1, 2021. The MEC said the agreement does not provide for tariff changes (BCAs) or “significant changes” to work rules and described it as “the highest level of codified pilot protection in our industry.” Betty Ginsburg, Director of ALPA`s Advocacy Department, updated the role, composition and influence of the National Mediation Board, and the CBC reviewed the progress of its work and recommended updates to Section 40 of the ALPA Administrative Manual, which deals with collective bargaining, and agreed on a work plan to make it more compatible with modern contract negotiations. Members of the ALPA Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC) met October 1-3 at the association`s offices in McLean, Virginia, to assess the status of contract negotiations and review trends in collective bargaining in the aviation industry. The group, which has several new members, also discussed negotiation training projects and resource materials for ALPA`s pilot negotiators. During the airline`s conference call earlier this month, CEO Ed Bastian said the airline has reached agreements with most of the working groups and is still negotiating with the pilots` union to avoid disruption within that working group as well. Delta reported a loss of $US 5.4 billion for the quarter ended Sept. 30. The ALPA team`s approach to negotiations will ensure you and your lead group a better collective agreement and contribute to the achievement of your goals of pay equity, improved work rules and improved quality of life. The legislation that governs labour relations in the railway and aeronautics industry. The Railway Labor Act (RLA), passed in 1926, required employers to negotiate collective agreements with workers` representation and prohibited discrimination against unions. It was designed to avoid an interruption in intergovernmental exchanges.

The Pilots Amendment of 1936 amended Title II of the RLA to include airlines active in intergovernmental trade. F/O Paul Ryder (United), ALPA`s National Resources Coordinator, highlighted the challenges faced by ABFLUG airlines (FFD) when it comes to maintaining adequate pilot occupancy, given flow-through agreements and other incentives for pilots to equip themselves with large airlines. . . .

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