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Anz Paris Agreement

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According to @PFIe_com, @CommBank @ANZ_AU and @NAB have just helped lend _US US$4.2 billion_ to the Ichthys LNG project, which includes NT and WA. We estimate that this project would release 1.1 billion tonnes of CO2. Tell these banks to stop financing LNG: t.co/AhM0cI1FgE pic.twitter.com/p3WldzhoIJ He said the policy was assumed that the Bank`s “large agricultural customers” would become more energy efficient and “not family farms.” Climate change is one of the world`s most pressing sustainability challenges. “It is absolutely clear to the world`s best scientists that rapid and significant changes are needed to stop global warming to 1.5 degrees. There is no place to continue burning coal, oil and gas in 2030. . There are a number of options to help companies, at every stage of their journey, meet their obligations in the Climate Leadership Statement. Reducing energy consumption in our commercial buildings is an important part of our response to climate change. That`s why we`re proud that our Christchurch office currently has the highest overall rating of NABERSNZ in New Zealand. “I absolutely appreciate that banks have to measure risk and banks, I just hope that`s what they`re talking about here and not some form of virtue signaling,” Fitzgibbon said.

. The remaining hurdlees have been overcome by ANZ has cleared the first hurdle of the commitment to exit the economy`s most carbon-intensive sector, thermal coal, in line with the Paris Agreement. But the fossil fuel industry is more than just a thermal coal project. .

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