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Avant Card Agreement

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How we use personal data 6. International transfers 7. To whom we provide personal data 8. Central Credit Register (JRC) 9. Mastercard 10. Automated decision-making and profiling 11. Your Rights 12. Sale of the Avant Money Business 13. Telephone calls 14. Changes to our Privacy Policy 15. Share with us what you think You have the right to object to this type of profiling at any time by focusing on DPO@avantcard.ie. If you apply for one of our products and are a customer of Avant Money, we use automated tools to verify the personal data you provide or that we are authorized to collect from others in order to evaluate and tailor other products or services that may meet their needs. With regard to these offers, we will only contact you if you have accepted this contact.

You have the right to object to this profiling at any time or to object to a decision by appealing to DPO@avantcard.ie. Mastercard and Visa International TransfersUnifier The process of personal data via Mastercard and Visa may take place outside of Europe and, if this is the case, Mastercard and Visa ensure that the processing complies with data protection legislation. 8) Information provided in situations where you are a beneficiary, guarantor, director or representative of one of our customers or if your circumstances have a significant influence on our customers and their ability to comply with the terms of their credit agreement Conclusion: This card may be an option for people with limited credit, but it is not necessarily the best. Similar cards allow you to avoid an annual fee and perhaps earn rewards…

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