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Belfast Agreement Full Text

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Definition and approval (if the terms of the agreement include a public funding charge38) are the two necessary procedures. 1 Plus articles by Ed Maloney (Sunday Tribune, April 19, 1998) and Gary Kent (Newsletter, May 1, 1998 and Fortnight, May 1998) on the differences between the Mitchell Draft Paper and the Final Agreement. 2 There is a photo of Senator Mitchell holding this text after the last plenary session, between pages 86 and 87 of his book: Making Peace, London 1999. 3, paragraph 1, constitutional issues; Annex B; paragraph 1 of the second guideline; the third part of the first paragraph 1 and the second paragraph 1; paragraph 1, validation, implementation and verification. 4 First recital in the preamble to the BIA. .

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