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China And Philippines Agreement 2019

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Heydarian, R. (2019b) How China`s “military strategy” could change the alliance between the Philippines and the United States. South China Morning Post. July 20. Available from: www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy/article/3019060/why-chinas-militiasation-south-china-sea-needs-review. The problem for Beijing was what happened on June 2: Duterte and his government decided to postpone the VFA`s denunciation and breathe new life into the deal. Of course, Chinese politicians may never have privately believed that the VFA was going to stop. For example, according to Dai Fan, director of the Center for Philippine Studies at Jinan University, “this week`s turnaround [on June 2] does not surprise us. However, we didn`t expect that to happen anytime soon. China still has a long way to go to replace the United States in this region. Indeed, as I have said before, there were many good reasons to be wary of the widely held view that Duterte, because of his anti-American attitude, would never change course when the VFA resigned. Analysis of Dutertes` policy speeches would thus reveal his desire to distance the Philippines from its colonial past so that it could act independently to pursue its best interests. However, while Duterte has issued anti-American threats and rhetoric (which he has often referred to as “jokes”) in addition to supporting changes in Philippine foreign policy (Ranada, 2018a), it would be imprecise to assert that Duterte is opposed to the US or the West.

It is important to note that while it remains incompatible with its exaggeration and exaggeration, it nevertheless acknowledged the Philippines` deep relations with the United States and specified its support for American liberalism as “the best way to achieve a just and just society” (2019c). Since 1975, diplomatic relations between China and the Philippines have continued to develop. Over the years, several bilateral agreements have been signed with the aim of strengthening cooperation and increasing mutual trust. In 2018, bilateral trade between the two nations amounted to $55 billion. Ramos, C.M. (2019) The United States is under MDT – Envoys on Commitments to PH. Inquirer. July 4. Available from: globalnation.inquirer.net/177458/us-stands-by-obligations-to-ph-under-mdt-envoy. Mendiola, R.

(2019) DILG: Duterte is different from Marcos. Asian Journal. 21. August. Available from: www.asianjournal.com/philippines/metro-manila/dilg-duterte-is-different-from-marcos/. Duterte, R. R. (2019e) Transcript of the media interview with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte after the oath ceremony of newly appointed government officials. .

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