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Confidentiality Agreement German

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To learn more about confidentiality agreements or to establish a confidentiality agreement, see below. German companies can also include confidentiality clauses in their employees` employment contracts. Even if German labour law does not provide for the inclusion of confidentiality clauses in employment contracts, employers may include such clauses on the basis of the provisions of the Civil Code. German employers usually include confidentiality clauses or have their employees sign confidentiality agreements in order to protect their trade secrets and avoid conflicts after the termination of the employment relationship. German IT companies are usually those that draw up confidentiality agreements to protect their software and computer programs from use by employees who leave the company. Below is a fundamental example of a confidentiality agreement that can be tailored to your needs. In addition, trade secrets must be protected in contracts with third parties such as customers, suppliers, licensees or R&D partners. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) often carry contractual penalties, as it can be difficult to determine a certain amount of harm caused by the unlawful disclosure of a trade secret and because the sanction can have an additional deterrent effect. .

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