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Example Of A Mediation Settlement Agreement

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(d) Any party who presents the Ombudsman as a witness, submits a summons against the Ombudsman or demands the publication of the Ombudsman waives his right to invoke and enforce the confidentiality provisions of this agreement with the Ombudsman. 1. Appointment and Objectives: By this Agreement, the Parties appoint Tad Powers/Michael Marks as the mediator for their negotiations. The parties understand that the mediator`s objective is to help the parties reach a fair and constructive agreement, which will resolve their dispute in a collaborative, consensual and informed manner. The Ombudsman is neutral in this dispute. The Ombudsman himself does not decide on the issues at issue. The Ombudsman shall be impartial during and after the mediation procedure. 10. Fees: The Mediator calculates an hourly rate of $250.00 per hour, plus miles and fees. The costs are apporteed as follows: The applicant pays half of the Mediator`s costs and the defendant pays half of the Mediator`s costs or the parties each pay half of the Mediator`s costs, unless the parties agree otherwise in writing before mediation. 10. When an agreement is reached, the parties or their counsel shall prepare all settlement documents or minutes of settlement and all disclosures.

There are links to three written agreements. Each agreement is different and, in some cases, no written agreement is concluded, so it only serves to illustrate. For accessibility reasons, the following agreements have been typed, but they are usually written and distributed informally before the parties leave the mediation. (12) This Agreement may be performed in return. f) Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Mediation Agreement and any written agreement entered into and signed by the parties as a result of the mediation may be used in any relevant proceedings, unless the parties enter into a written agreement not to do so. 4. Confidentiality: Mediation is a transaction negotiation and is strictly confidential. No party may disclose the statements of other participants in the mediation. Mediation interviews, written and oral communications, proposals and unsigned settlement agreements are not permitted in any legal proceedings.

Unless authorized by the parties, the Mediator shall not disclose confidential information that a party has made available to the Mediator. The parties agree not to ask the Mediator to testify through mediation or to provide documents from mediation in court proceedings. The only circumstances that allow the Ombudsman to breach confidentiality are: (1) if he reasonably believes that another person is in danger of harm or a well-founded suspicion of child abuse required by law; (2) if necessary to defend oneself in court; (3) if the parties jointly waive confidentiality in writing; or 4) as required elsewhere by law. . . .

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