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Gold Car Rental Agreement

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www.guardian.co.uk/money/2011/feb/19/car-hire-holidaymakers-goldcar Please feel free to contact us at goldcarweb@goldcar.com if there is anything else to help you. We invite you to visit our website: www.goldcar.es where you can take a look at our competitive prices and follow a simple and efficient rental process. Please send us your full name or booking number to goldcarweb@goldcar.com so that we can review your case in detail with the local office. I rented a car through search engines for the best price, as I often go to the Algarve. This one was on Auto Europe and rental with Gold Car. A Renault Clio. I was surprised that there was plenty of tank and that the return was empty, but the ABZOCKE of Euro 110 to fill the car made me boil with anger. I stay at the Ostalgarve and I often go to Spain. For some companies, this involves an additional fee of around €30, but with Gold Car it was €8.50 per day and my rent was 18 days. The hiring of staff at his office was terrible when it came to complaints about these RIP-OFF extras and, in fact, there were 2 other customers at the office with exactly the same arguments search engines became the field of operation for gangsters and tenants should be aware that the quotes indicated by many companies like Gold Car Vehicles are fake, are subject to the terms of the agreement and are subject to the following excesses. These deductible options apply to drivers 21 years of age and older and all types of vehicles. I`m not an insurance expert, and Jose Antonio kept insisting that CDW meant that we had to pay for all the damage to our car, that we didn`t want to take the risk, and that we took out the extra insurance. Now that I`m at home, I have the opportunity to check out cdW in rental.com website`s FAQ (and other places on the internet), and that`s what I`ve read: I`ve read a lot of reviews about Goldcar that seem to hit the crown when it comes to the customer scam.

My advice to stop such practices is to inform the European Consumer Centre (ECC). I don`t know if it is in their power to stop such abuses, but at least they could inform people about their newsletters! To conclude positively, I rented my car at Malaga airport in July in Del Paso car rental and I was very satisfied (no problem with the fuel policy – you get a full tank and you have to put it back full!) Just a small problem: your offices are not at the airport, so you have a 5-minute ride to reach them by shuttle. But the advantage is that there is a gas station next door if you give the car back !!! I just returned from Spain with my family and we had the worst experience renting a car with Goldcar at Malaga airport. It`s amazing how this can happen to so many customers every day, because my story is the same as what happened to you and many others. My advice – Google “Tripadvisor Goldcar Scam Beware” before renting I rented to Goldcar in Malaga and Madrid about 10-15 times, rents between 2 and 10 days. It couldn`t be happier. They are “ryanair” of owners. Read all the rules before signing/renting and you should be fine. My flight lasted just over two hours, but I had to queue for a quarter of an hour under the backend sun in front of the Goldcar office before finally arriving at the booking counter.

There was no excuse for the delay and the agent informed me that I had to deposit a deposit of 900 euros if my car was damaged in any way, for example.B. if it was hit unattended in a parking lot. . . .

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