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Safe Restart Agreement Long Term Care

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This money is part of a $19 billion Safe Restart Agreement between the provinces, territories and the federal government. The plan provides additional resources to increase child care and health care capacity, cover municipal shortfalls and build a stockpile of personal protective equipment. Many personal assistance workers continue to bravely go to work and provide the necessary care to vulnerable older people, despite the risk of contagion. To date, Canada has invested more than $1 billion in vaccine agreements and secured a national supply of 429 million doses for seven promising candidates for COVID 19 vaccines. Canada has secured the most diversified portfolio of any country. All Canadians can be sure that they have a safe and effective vaccine, free of charge, as soon as it is ready. As Canada faces the second wave of COVID-19, the Government of Canada continues to work with Aboriginal provinces, territories, communities and communities to ensure Canadians remain safe and healthy. This involves securing vaccines, scale of testing and traceability, as well as ensuring that we are able to fight the virus. It is a Team Canada effort.

The federal government has provided more than $8 out of $10 spent in Canada to fight COVID-19 and support Canadians. To date, direct assistance to the provinces and territories is more than $24 billion. In addition, we were told that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will hold his first ministerial meeting with prime ministers across the country on Friday to discuss federal health transfers. Caltc sent a letter to the Prime Minister asking his government to ensure that long-term care is included in any declaration of common principles and that care homes are one of the top priorities in joint health system planning. COVID-19 has placed significant demands on our health care system in New Brunswick. Our government has made significant investments to ensure that its health care system is capable of responding to the pandemic. To support the recovery of the economy, the Government of Canada will invest $4.05 billion in the purchase of PSA for national distribution to the provinces and territories, $500 million to support the purchase of PSA for the non-health sector and $3 billion directly in the provinces and territories for previous and planned psa investments. To facilitate future procurement, provinces and territories will regularly share relevant PPE data with the Canadian government. Canadians have been well served by the strong and collaborative efforts of Prime Ministers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. All Premiers reaffirm their commitment to this approach while continuing to address their shared priority of the well-being and safety of all Canadians.

New Brunswick has a COVID-19 emergency leave regulation that provides job protection to workers affected by COVID-19. The length of leave is not limited. Emergency leave is available for employees who are ill as a result of COVID-19 or who care for or assist people with close family relationships as a result of COVID-19 cases. There is also someone who needs to be isolated or quarantined because: as we continue to address the health and economic challenges of the pandemic, the government will continue to invest in Canadians.

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