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Safe Third Country Agreement Europe

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There are few examples where Western countries have viewed countries in other parts of the world as safe third countries, as Norway has done with Russia and how the EU currently views with Turkey. UNHCR reviewed the practices of 12 EU countries in 2010. It showed that only two non-EU countries considered safe third countries; the United Kingdom and Spain. However, in the United Kingdom, the practice concerned only the United States, Canada and Switzerland. Spain had considered the countries of North Africa and Latin America to be safe only in certain cases. UNHCR has also indicated that after enlargement to Eastern Europe, the EU should no longer consider certain neighbouring countries as safe third countries; These include Russia and Turkey. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees stressed that it was not enough for refugees to be safe from return to their country of origin to be persecuted in their country of origin (principle of non-refoulement). Other requirements of the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees must be met, including access to social assistance, health care, work and education. The High Commissioner also stressed that a country must respect the rules of the Convention in practice and not only on paper. In addition, an asylum seeker should have close links with a State in order to be considered a safe third country. Traveling through one country to another is not enough. International cooperation and burden-sharing are a prerequisite for refugee protection, UNHCR stresses, and the country that has received an asylum application has the primary responsibility for protecting that person.

A country should only transfer responsibility for processing an asylum application to another safe state if they both have asylum systems of the same standard. And there should be a clear agreement between the two countries on who is responsible for what…

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