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Scholarship Agreement Pshs

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The figures already show the impact of these government demands. The PSHS system is based on scholarships, which means that students from different backgrounds and from financially viable backgrounds can only receive government benefits. Asking a student for 140,000 pesos, even more during a pandemic, is deadly. During their stay at the PSHS, scholars and their families were removed from a heavy burden because their scholarships were fully covered by additional scholarships; some families have fully turned to these scholarships. ELSIE G. FERRER CAMPUS DIRECTOR PARENT/GUARDIAN AWARDEE REGISTRAR-WITNESS WITNESS KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: Approved by the PSHS System Board of Trustees April 28, 2005 SCHOLARSHIP AGREEMENT This scholarship agreement is concluded on and between: a scientific highSchool chartered under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), located along Tagongong, Goa, Camarines Sur, represented in this agreement by MRS. ELSIE G. FERRER, psHS – Bicol Region Campus; and _____ein inhabitants of WITNESSETH: That WHEREAS, known as an Act to Establish Philippine Science High School according to R.A. 3661 otherwise, and R.A. 8496 or the Philippine Science High School System Act 1997, the goal SSHS is to have a secondary education course cholar free, with an emphasis on the themes of th science and mathematics fine to prepare students for a scientific career; CONSIDERING that, as a result of the qualification National Competition Review (NCE) and on Conseral committee as approval and approval stiftungsrat, ADIC, for and in light seed and conditions and provisions set out below, the parties who agree and agree on each other, with: I.

Nature The Philippine high school scholarship that allows the cholar to take a secondary education course focused on s sciences and mathematics to prepare him for a scientific career or d engineer. II. Duration of the Scholarship This scholarship award is in accordance with SSSS unless it was terminated earlier due to non-compliance with the terms of the cholarcholar agreement.

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