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Stamp Duty On Supplementary Llp Agreement

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An LLP agreement is nothing more than a written contract between all the partners of an LLP. Can you send me an additional LLP agreement (design copy) for a change of position in the same area The initial LLP agreement should match the information mentioned in the FiLLiP form and be submitted to the Registrar at the time of registration. But after the approval of the initial agreement, if a partner or a designated partner agrees by mutual agreement to modify the LLP agreement or a clause, they may modify this agreement or clause, which will be brought to the attention of the Registrar in the form of an LLP supplementary agreement, which will be reformed on the extrajudicial stamp document with an article 100 value / Various clauses agreed by the partners are contained in the LLP agreement. The roles and responsibilities of ALP`s partners are defined in the agreement. All partners must sign the agreement. An LLP works and operates in accordance with the agreement. The applicable clauses of an LLP agreement settle disputes (if any). The decision is taken in accordance with the LLP law in the absence of a clause. . . .

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