12 Apr 2021by tobiasschaller

Suntrust Deposit Agreement

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So I got a 20k loan. I contributed. After the evacuation went to withdraw money. The Banklock account is then closed. If I call, the balance is still there and will be sent in the mail. It`s been 2 months and he still doesn`t have my money. Call the bank. No one can explain, just say, once the account is closed, I`ll get credits in a check. DON`T GO INTO THAT BANK, AND SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE.

A new online account was opened in July 2020. Have you made a deposit and set up a direct deposit of my work. A call was received from a local branch to provide additional documents to prevent my account from closing. Set the date for a Friday, just a few days after the first call. Meanwhile, my atm card arrives with a separate letter with my PIN. On Friday, I go to the branch, enter my Social Security card and driver`s license and sign all the appropriate documents. Sent on my joyful path. I opened a business account and deposited money from a store that I thought the checks were fraudulent. However, the funds deleted the account and the seller deposited another amount.

They decided to close my account. The seller tried to challenge the written cheque after suntrust`s representative and was reported by their bank that it is not a fraudulent check, so it is active, please inform Suntrust. We advised Suntrust and they told us they will return the cheque to me in 15 business days. It is now 45 working days and the account is on ice, no refund and no answers. Worst bank ever. Unfortunately, because of Covid-19, I have not been able to become a physical bank. When good people do business for them and disrespect the wrong people. Don`t trust any of these companies!!!! They`re thieves. As soon as you open an account, make your starting deposits and delete them… they close your account give a fake story and keep your money!!! Suddenly, you are denied access to all platforms and your money is held hostage. These companies and related brands should be charged with federal crimes! I lost just $300, but I read reports of account losses of up to $70,000. Stay away from these thieves.

You`re criminals!!! So my employer deposited my check on Friday and Suntrust can`t find out where my salary is and asked me to contact my pay slip. I did and my pay slip gave the details where they sent the money, but Suntrust claimed they did not receive the check for my work salary and my mortgage is due tomorrow 5/1/2020. I waited and made contact, and Suntrust went back to the back with no solution. Where`s my paycheck???? I`ve spoken with 10 different clients, and none of them can help but ask the same questions over and over again. I opened an online account and financed $5000. SunTrust then closed my account without explanation and stole my $5,000 deposit.

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