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Trade Agreements Between India And China

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In this scenario, we assume that both China and India agree to fully open their economies to each other. However, for sensitive items on the schedule, the duty rates are reduced to 5 % and the duty rates currently in force for the negative lists are maintained. In total, bilateral trade grew by 15%, from some $40 billion to $46 billion. However, India`s trade deficit increased by 18.18% to $26 billion. Figure 5 shows the results. I am writing to confirm receipt of your letter of 25 May 1957, which reads as follows: (Not reproduced) I confirm that the foregoing correctly reflects the agreement reached with us. 32 China`s total exports, which are expected to grow at 9% (out of an intoxicated growth of 20% in 1997), increased by only 0.5% in 1998 and imports even fell by -1.5%. .

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