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Turkish Agreement 2023

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A Washington Post article, published yesterday, titled “Erdogan`s Turkey Fights the Ghosts of Sèvres 100 Years Later,” quoted Turkish historian Nicholas Danforth of the twentieth century. Century saying: “Sèvres has been largely forgotten in the West, but it has a strong heritage in Turkey, where it helped fuel a form of nationalist paranoia that some scholars have called the Sèvres syndrome.” The Washington Post then quoted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who, after the illegal maritime agreement between Turkey and Libya, said: “Thanks to this military and energy cooperation, we have overthrown the Treaty of Sèvres.” With the expiration of this century-old treaty in 2023, Turkey itself will enter a new era by drilling for oil and digging a new canal between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara as a prelude to the costs of passing ships. This seismic evolution, combined with Turkey`s recent military adventurer, indicates that the geographical contours of the region will certainly undergo a gigantic metamorphosis after the end of the Treaty of Lausanne. “These military interventions are part of a previous Turkish intervention in northern Iraq with the intention of conducting combat exercises in several regional countries and signing military agreements with Arab and African countries. The idea is to expand Turkish relations abroad in order to promote military exports, maximize economic returns and increase regional influence on the basis of relentless power,” he added: “Erdogan`s aggressive nationalism is now spreading beyond Turkey`s borders and aimed at taking land in Greece and Iraq. Chapter I. Interned civilians (Articles 1 to 3) Chapter II. Prisoners of war (Articles 4 and 5) Chapter III. Commission for the Implementation of the Agreement (Articles 6 and 7) Recep Tayyib Erdogan`s statement on the eve of the centenary of the Turkish Republic is striking for something revolutionary to happen after 2023. He said Turkey will shape the future of the entire region if it achieves its 2023 targets. Turkey is on the threshold of new victories and successes, he added. Gentlemen, I do not think it is necessary to continue to compare the principles underlying the Treaty of Lausanne with other peace proposals.

This treaty is a document that explains that all the efforts that have been prepared for centuries and that are supposed to have been achieved by the SEVRES treaty to dismantle the Turkish nation have been in vain. This is a diplomatic victory unknown in Ottoman history! 1927 M Kemal Atatürk The Great Speech Summary of the Content Final Act of the Conference List of Delegates List of Instruments Elaborated I. Peace Treaty Preamble Part I. . .

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