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Uses Of Employment Agreement

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The employment contract should also specify which acts may lead to dismissal. The integration of this information ensures that each employee knows which activities are mandatory for their role and what acts or behaviors are contrary to the company`s guidelines and result in dismissal. If you wish to obtain instructions on entering into an employment contract, you should contact an employment lawyer. An employment law expert near you can help you ensure that the terms of the contract are clear and fair. The lawyer can also help you if the other party violates the agreement. It is also important to know that sanctions may be imposed under section 64 of the Employment Relations Act in the absence of a written employment contract. Penalties can be up to $10,000 for individuals and $20,000.00 for businesses. These are increasingly sought after by disgruntled employees. In general, the employment contract is a good basis for a better relationship between the worker and the employer. Both sides have an idea of expecting from the other. For employees, they are entitled to the money they can expect.

In the case of a labour court, if it is established that a company has not concluded a full contract, it may be liable to a fine of up to one month`s salary. For an employer, it needs the certainty that a new employee is aware of their obligations and terms and conditions of employment and that they have agreed to abide by them before the start of employment. For an employer, it is also important to have protection for its professional clients and intellectual property. Depending on your work and business, you may encounter different types of agreements. While we have talked about non-competition with respect to new employees, an employer can ask an existing worker to sign a non-compete clause. However, an employer must generally offer some consideration for the employee`s contractual promise. The consideration will likely take the form of a cash compensation or bonus. In some sectors and professions, employers are in the best position to include clauses dealing with competition, advertising and confidentiality in their employment agreements. These clauses provide the employer with a valuable tool to protect against a range of circumstances that could cause irreparable harm to the business. For example, a company may lose market share, have competitors debauch employees, or have trade secrets disclosed to third parties.

In our daily work, it is always customary for us to see employees who do not have a written employment contract and employers who have not provided written employment contracts to their employees. We also see from time to time employment contracts that are outdated or contain illegal provisions. The contract also helps the employer expect good performance from the employee. If an employee is still below average and does not respect the agreement stipulated in his contract, his employer has reasons to take action Signing an agreement with “simple” employees usually offers only a small company more flexibility by confirming the type of employment after friendliness. . . .

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