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Wedding Agreement Dari Novel

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Archie as a director can reliably combine this film with color palette techniques in terms of clothing color. It`s an interesting artistic side and often forgotten by filmmakers. Archie is there and packs well. Bian gives Tari a sealed agreement that they shouldn`t worry about another life, and when they are 1 year old, they will divorce, occupy separate rooms and it is forbidden to dance to enter Bian`s private area. Bian argued because he didn`t like Tari, Bian was already engaged to Sarah (*narrated in the novel*, which was later cancelled because Mama Bian didn`t like Sarah). This surprises Tari and does not accept because marriage should not be played, Bian also challenges Tari when it is not acceptable to demand a divorce in religious court. Tari tried to be patient in preparing Bian`s needs and preparing Betawi soto food, although Bian never wanted to eat it. Ami, a friend of Tari`s who behaves funny and skateboards, advises Dance to follow Bian`s desire not to become a burden to Zari`s ghost. Tari accompanied Bian to the hospital and waited outside, Tari met Aldi. When Tari and Aldi arrive in Sarah`s room, they see Bian and Sarah kissing, which makes Tari sad and disappointed. Tari decided to go for a while to calm down.

Before Tari leaves, he asks Bian to leave Sarah because he already loves Bian, but Bian doesn`t answer him. Bian feels lonely and loses Tari, often Bian contacts Tari but is ignored. After leaving the house for 1 week, Tari meets her Pakde and Bude and it is recommended to be a woman with long legs and not to run away from difficulties…

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